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The 3 Tails is a YouTube series about three girls, who turn into mermaids when they find a mysterious cave and read a spell during the half-moon. This show was made by, the Australian TV show, H2O: Just Add Water.

The show even has their very own Wiki!


The show revolves around three teen girls, Emily, Jackie, and Selena, who, after taking a swim in the ocean, find a magic cave. Inside the cave is a spell. They read the spell on the half-moon, and the next day, they realize their mermaids! Within 10 seconds of coming in contact with water, they grow beautiful, long tails.

In the season one finale, the main antagonist, Mia, becomes a mermaid when she follows the girls to the cave, and she reads the spell.

In season two, there is more mermaid magic than ever before! From finding special necklaces, a deadly spell book, to popping a tail at the semi romanticized; Emily, Selena, and Jackie are in for a spin!

The CastEdit

Natasha G.


Nate. was born September 17, and is 14. She loves acting. Her twin sister is Sofia, also known as Jackie. Natasha met Marlena in kindergarten. She is a very talented editor, and portrays a teenage girl named Emily in The 3 Tails. Natasha's Fan email: []

Sofia G.

Sofia G. is born on September 17, and is 14. Sofia enjoys acting. Sofia is Natasha's twin. Sofia met Marlena in kindergarten. She is a very believable actor and her character is Jackie Sky. Her fan email:

Marlena L.

Marlena. was born April 26 and is 13. Marlene's character is the headstrong (in a good way) leader of the group. Marlena also plays piano. Marlena became really close with Sofia and Natasha in 3rd grade because of The 3 Tails. Like Sofia and Natasha, Marlena gifted in acting. She has no fan email current ly.


Not much is known about J.J but she is the same age as Sofia and Natasha. She acts as Faith, the several century old mermaid. She is a 'cat mermaid' meaning that she has nine lives. She continues to hurt and make the girls live difficult.


Not much is known about Ruby either, but she did play the mean girl in season 1-2, disappearing in season 3.

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